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Villa, Garda Lake


The natural landscape setting and the establishment of an intense connection with the architecture that is integrated into it in a luminous relationship are the key themes in the project for this villa in Padenghe, which is anchored to the morainic amphitheatre sloping down towards Lake Garda.

The architect has experimented with glass as a fundamental element, allowing the landscape to become an integral part of the house. The main façade reveals a bold inventiveness, a balanced play of voids and solids marked by a safe and casual use of different materials. Glass and Medea stone in the main building define the horizontality and verticality. Another volume is intermediate, with its double-height Blue dark crystal structure, hosting the functions of entrance and connection to the floors, without ever obscuring the view of the lake.

All the rooms facing the lake are characterised by an extreme brightness. Almost crawling from the outside, the Medea stone enters the interiors and finishes the floors, in an inlay of rectangles of different lengths and widths.


Location: Lago di Garda

Anno: 2018