The restaurant EGGS Milano


In March 2024, the EGGS restaurant, led by chef Barbara Agosti, has opened in Milan, in the heart of the Brera district. Gruppo Censeo managed the restoration of the place, designed by architect Lula Ferrari, and created the new headquarters of EGGS: the restaurant, born in Transtevere (Rome) has revolutionized the restaurant sector with its egg-based menu. A new location to respond to the Milanese clientele but with many references to the original restaurant: the development of L, a bar counter for making cocktails, the windows identical to those in Trastevere, a brightly basement where is set a tasting room and a little dehors.

The tables are made of natural stone, the resin floors and the walls were made of brushed concrete. In the background of the room there is an antique Liberty window and a small bench overlooking the kitchen.
The room on the lower floor, fitted with a ceiling fan and mattresses, accommodates a large social table and a bottle-collecting wall.


Location: Milano, Via Solferino

Year: 2024

Photographer: Pierpaolo Lo Giudice