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Showroom Pantanetti


It has taken two months to revolutionise a space of one hundred square metres. Located in the heart of Milan, in viale Beatrice d’Este, this welcoming showroom for the footwear brand Pantanetti was initially presented as a dimly lit and anything but hospitable environment, like an anonymous space in the basement. The ambitious project was to transform the place, giving it a captivating and highly functional appearance. Despite the difficult starting conditions, the work was able to give the space a second life. The happy synergy between the designer and the company transformed the mission into a successful project.
In less than two months, what used to be a shady basement has become a showroom with a glamorous character, which today looks like a bright, large and attractive venue. Inside, clean materials were used, which were mostly recycled, such as old scaffolding converted into display tables; the light-coloured walls, painted by hand, visually enhance and enlarge the dimensions; the resin floors with a metropolitan flavour help to create a special atmosphere. The choice was made to contrast the authentic pieces of the past with modern light effects, first of all, the LED chandelier in the shape of a flying saucer.


Location: Milano, via Beatrice d’Este 35

Anno: 2013