Rosa che s’inchina


Rosalba Piccinni’s new 33 rpm album interpreting some of Divina Mina’s iconic songs in a jazz key.

Rosalba Piccinni’s new album ROSA CHE S’INCHINA, produced by Gruppo Censeo and distributed by ADA Music Italia, will be released on January 19, 2024.

The presentation to the public and the press will take place on Monday, January 22, 2024 at 8:30 p.m. at the Franco Parenti Theater in Milan, where Rosalba (La Cantafiorista) and the group of musicians who have accompanied her for years will play live the songs contained in the album entirely dedicated to Mina.

Designed by Mauro Balletti, to whom Mina, since 1973, has entirely entrusted the management of her image, the cover of ROSA CHE S’INCHINA is a masterpiece of poetry.

Curious, creative but above all attentive to good vibes, Rosalba did not randomly choose the title for her tribute to Mina.

Flowers are such a part of her life that she is referred to by many as La Cantafiorista; the noblest of flowers, the rose, is part of her name, and the piece, very dear to her, written by Ivano Fossati “Unica Rosa” is about courage and encapsulates in its verses the nuances of a woman. It is from the same composition by Fossati that Rosalba, playing with emotions and words, extrapolates the title to pay tribute to Mina: Rosa (Rosalba) who s’ bow (to Mina).

Extraordinary performer Mina has defied the times: not only with emblematic lyrics such as when she sings “you can’t be queens/in a world thought of by kings,” in Come un Uomo but also for her quest to overcome conventions and stereotypes.

“Mina is the emblem of freedom. Courageous, strong, she doesn’t care about people’s judgment, she lives by her essence which she conveys to others and fills you with emotion. Mina is timeless, she is part of my life, – Rosalba collected – for over 10 years with my band we have been arranging her songs in a jazz key. After a series of great personal successes and sold out shows in important jazz clubs such as the Blue Note, it was time to give substance to this dream and make a record. The guys from Gruppo Censeo, Bergamascans like me, gave me confidence and, although in fact bricklayers, with their “calzinazz soul,” in line with what they have been promoting for years through Censeo events for art and culture, sponsored the realization of this project by laying a solid foundation: just as they do when they build houses.”

The musicians who have long accompanied Rosalba and with whom she shares dreams and passions are: Fabrizio Trullu piano and arrangements, Marco Brioschi on trumpet, Guido Bombardieri on sax, Sandro Massazza on double bass, Valerio Abeni on drums and Paolo Manzolini on guitar in “Unica Rosa.”

The album was recorded at Auditoria Recording Studio (Como) and Rebel Music Studio (Milan) by Davide Roberto.

The vinyl will be available for sale in all Warner Music Italy’s traditional channels.

The digital product will contain 13 tracks (3 more than the vinyl: 1. Il cielo in una stanza – 2. L’importante è finire – 3. Conversazione) and will be available on Spotify and all digital platforms on pre-order from January 12, 2024.

Gruppo Censeo for Culture

Impresa Edile, what Gruppo Censeo sets out to do, without pretension and too much formalism is, in conjunction with its work, which remains proudly that of renovating fine homes, also to promote art, architecture, design, culture and to network, aware of how important it is to create bridges between business and culture. Since 2014, the Group’s partners, Francesco Moretti and Giacomo Paddeu, have decided to promote a series of events directly on their construction sites or in locations of special interest. Conceived and curated by Francesca Brambilla, the initiative, named Censeo for Art, has featured distinguished guests from the Italian art scene.

A firm believer in systemic making, Gruppo Censeo has lent its workers for exhibition set-ups at the Milan Triennale and the Milan Polytechnic. More recent was its participation in the Vietato l’ingresso project, which saw the renovation of the dressing rooms of Milan’s Arcimboldi Theater.

Over the years the Group has collaborated with “Leonardo’s Vineyard” supporting where possible cultural activities such as the presentation of “Leonardo’s Wine” at the Venice Biennale or the presentation of the monograph “Piero Portaluppi” edited by Piero Maranghi and published by Skira.

One of the latest initiatives supported by Gruppo Censeo was the Milan Drawing Week 2023 and in particular of the award to support promising artists.



Rosalba Piccinni – voce Fabrizio Trullu – pianoforte e arrangiamenti Marco Brioschi – tromba Guido Bombardieri – sax Sandro Massazza – contrabbasso Valerio Abeni – batteria Paolo Manzolini – chitarra in Unica rosa

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