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Private Villa


Located in the province of Brescia, the completely renovated old warehouse building has undergone a new redistribution of the space, a structural reinforcement, the creation of an internal lift, the thermal insulation of the walls and roof, and the reconstruction of all the systems (heating with home-automated VMC air treatment and electrics) and a new salt pool on the roof. The need to reinforce the existing facade was dictated due to the swimming pool’s location on the roof. To give solidity to the structure, which had a weight of several tons pushing down on it, it was decided to shore up the central part of the facade with external shaved reinforced concrete.

As well as being an indispensable element for the statics of the building, the shaved reinforced concrete painted in chestnut tones, have been designed, in contrast with the white facade on which they rest, as an important decorative element: they break the linearity of the forms, making the entrance an attractive focal point.

The façade, as well as the roof (largely revisited with the recovery of a lot of space) have been insulated with external insulation systems. The choice of wooden insulating doors and windows and adjustable sunshades, calibrated with the thermal insulation of the walls, has given the right value of transmittance and the right living comfort. The 150 square metres of roof dedicated to the wellness area can be used all year round thanks to the constant saltwater temperature of the pool, which is at the same level as the massage room, whirlpool, sauna and steam room.

In the attic, in addition to a room dedicated to the systems, there is a playroom area with a pool table, a bar area and a table football.


Location: Brescia
Photography: Luca D. Privitera
Anno: 2018