Private apartment


Located in typical Milan-style building ton the corner of the Marmont House, designed by Gio Ponti, dating back to the same period and sharing the same taste, the layout of this apartment of about 85 square meters on the top floor has been completely redesigned by a well-known studio with contemporary solutions: the wooden paneling in colored and sustainable melamine wood, the stainless steel kitchen block, which acts like a technical background to the living room and the custom made bookcases realized with a very light aluminum sheet.

At the same time the spirit of the building is recalled by the choice of some design details and materials, such as the bathroom surfaces in marble and cement terrazzo or the green marble typical of the Italian Alps, the same as the stairs in the main hall of the building.

The master bedroom is wrapped in the deep blue of the walls and the wooden paneling hiding the wardrobes, while a clear, white leather wall can separate a very private guestroom when necessary.


Location: Milano
Photography: Lorenzo Fanfani
Anno: 2020