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Penthouse with rooftop in Milan


A bright and panoramic apartment, which is large and spacious, with a beautiful terrace overlooking the centre of Milan. The renovation of the apartment with the creation of a rooftop and the redevelopment of the external space was dictated not only by the needs of the client, but also by the fact that the entrance is now much more attractive and panoramic thanks to the urban planning changes that have affected the area and the entire city of Milan.

The Gruppo Censeo took care of the restructuring of the rooms, which were redesigned to exploit and emphasize the natural brightness. A large and glazed veranda with mini pool and spa area was built and the project for the terrace was made to measure, which allows the outdoor environment to communicate with the house: the existing greenery was maintained, with new paving for the outdoors and the installation of an outdoor kitchen.


Location: Milano, Bastioni Porta Venezia

Anno: 2020