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Monte Amiata complex


In the Gallaratese residential district of Milan stands the Monte Amiata complex, which was designed in the late 1960s by Carlo Aymonino, together with the famous Aldo Rossi. This utopian project, which was conceived as a micro-city within the city, draws inspiration from the famous Unité d’Habitation by Le Corbusier.

The large area occupied by Monte Amiata includes five buildings with variable height, joined together by a sequence of passages, bridges and lifts, which together provide various different opportunities for walking around. In the centre, the complex houses the amphitheatre and two smaller triangular piazzas.

To distinguish the project, the colour red has been chosen which, alternating with yellow elements, dominates the whole image of the residential centre. Gruppo Censeo took care of the maintenance of different parts of the complex, with particular attention given to the pedestrian paths open to the lower floors. Subsequently the restoration of the open-air theatre took place, “the geometric and conceptual fulcrum of Aymonimo’s entire project”.

Having demolished the pre-existing precast steps and then redone all the sheathing, Gruppo Censeo rebuilt the same stands with red pigmented concrete. The tiers were alternated with skylights with triple-layer glass plus a tinted film that give light to the spaces below.


Location: Milano, via Cilea 106

Anno: 2021