Second Life: A Tribute to Milan


A harmonious blend of art, nature, and design celebrated Milan’s resilience and its profound connection to trees.

The highly successful “Second Life: 10 Trees for 10 Designer Totems” exhibition graced Piazza San Fedele during Milan Design Week 2024, from April 15th to 21st.

The initiative, conceived and curated by designer Nicoletta Gatti, transformed the trunks of trees felled by the July 25th, 2023 storm into unique and evocative artworks. Ten internationally renowned designers crafted ten totems, each expressing a personal reflection on the relationship between humans, the city, and nature.

An emotionally stirring exhibition path invited visitors to contemplate the cyclical nature of life, the power of nature, and the fundamental role of trees in our ecosystem. A labyrinth of shapes and colors celebrated the beauty and resilience of the city of Milan, capable of rebirth even from its wounds.

Beyond being an open-air artwork, the Second Life exhibition also aimed to raise public awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship and the urgent need to combat climate change. At the conclusion of Design Week, the totems were transferred to the ADI Design Museum and then auctioned off. Part of the proceeds was donated to the Municipality of Milan to support the “Milan for Trees” urban reforestation project.

This comprehensive initiative demonstrated how art, design, and environmental consciousness can converge to create a message of hope and rebirth. An invitation to reflect on our future and our relationship with the planet, starting from a painful event that marked the city of Milan.

Second Life: 10 Trees for 10 Designer Totems was a resounding success, garnering acclaim from both the public and critics. A unique experience that left an indelible mark on the city’s memory and contributed to spreading a message of awareness and responsibility towards our planet.

Gruppo Censeo was proud to be a technical partner of this significant project, contributing to its realization and dissemination. In line with our values of sustainability and innovation, we are convinced that Second Life was a highly valuable initiative, capable of raising public awareness and inspiring positive change.


a cura di Nicoletta Gatti

15 aprile | 21 aprile 2024

Piazza San Fedele, Milano

OPENING: 15 aprile | ore 13:00

Ufficio stampa

Rota&Jorfida / Communication e PR

Organizzazione e ideazione: Nicoletta Gatti

Ufficio stampa: Rota&Jorfida | Silvia Marconi

Comunicazione digitale: Luca Parodi

Set up espositivo: Studio Piva

Partner tecnico realizzazione totem: AGM Arredamenti, Antonio Cristiano

Partner tecnico allestimento: Gruppo Censeo