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Milanese Apartment


The project introduced significant variations to the layout of the apartment. The work was carried out on two levels, on the one hand the spaces needed to be optimised, and, on the other, some of the precious features and special pre-existing materials had to be unaltered.

It was decided to tear down some of the boardings in favour of an open space, giving great breadth to the entire living room and kitchen area which is wide and bright. A large window directly overlooking the Viale Melzi D’ Eril offers a fascinating view from which you can see the tip of the famous Tower, designed by Gio Ponti.

Plaster finished in marmorino in dove grey or white tones, wenge and slate floors, bathrooms and fixtures covered in natural stone: it was decided to keep the precious surfaces of the building as intact as possible, integrating them delicately with opaque or slightly white transparencies that illuminate them, accentuating their structure and enhancing them.


Location: Milano, via Melzi d’Eril
Photography: Barbara Corsico
Anno: 2019