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The new shop for the long-standing Milanese cutlery occupies the ground floor of the historic Palazzo Bolchini in Piazza Meda and overlooks the street with three impressive shop windows. Founded by Giovanni Lorenzi in 1929, Lorenzi Milano is one of those precious establishments that carries on the unparalleled tradition of Milanese high manufacturing.
Gruppo Censeo dealt with the restructuring of the shop, after the total demolition, the reconstruction then began: the attic was rebuilt with an iron mezzanine, plasterboard elements were built, and the plaster cornices were restored. The air conditioning and treatment system, as well as the lighting system, are well hidden in the false ceiling. The finishes are in green Alpine marble and Ceppo di Gré. With these aesthetic and structural choices, the shop reflects the elegance and refinement of the brand.


Location: Milano, Piazza Meda
Photography: Barbara Corsico
Anno: 2019