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Industial Loft


This project was characterised by changes during the construction process, in order to respond to the dynamic needs of the young couple and to fortuitous discoveries by the architect.

A loft with an industrial flavour in an old factory: a rational, fresh and informal space. The main space is covered by a very high and airy wooden trussed ceiling.

Taking advantage of the height and the special brightness created by large windows placed on both sides of the loft, a mezzanine was built, made of iron and wood, divided into two parts, an area attached to the masonry and one to the mezzanine itself, connected by a staircase also made of iron.

This modern and functional apartment is also characterised by a completely automated control system, heating and cooling system with radiant panels, and air treatment equipment (AHU).
The long entrance corridor has exposed solid bricks on one side, and on the other a reinforced concrete wall with a rough and textured finish; by opening an iron door recovered from an ancient slaughterhouse mounted on a track, one enters the apartment itself.

Gruppo Censeo also took care of the replacement of the large window in the solarium area, selecting a specialised supplier for the design, construction and coordinated installation of a modern and functional structure, which can be completely opened.


Location: Milano, zona Buenos Aires
Photography: Barbara Corsico
Anno: 2020