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di Calzinàzz.


New generation

Gruppo Censeo is a construction company inspired by the timeless values of Bergamo’s artisans.
Young but experienced. Fast and innovative. Gruppo Censeo, a high-level building renovation and maintenance company, was founded in 2011 in the province of Brescia, in Orzinuovi (but has its headquarters in Milan).

Gruppo Censeo employs about forty people on a permanent basis, all craftsmen from Brescia and Bergamo. And not only that. Our main customer is the architect with an eye for quality. We work to create value, to respect the creative genius of designers by supporting them in the realisation of works they can be proud of.

Accuracy, seriousness and quick realisations are our hallmarks. In addition to real estate renovations, we deal with new construction and maintenance of buildings.

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