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Headquarters Emilio Pucci


This project for the Emilio Pucci Headquarters in Milan has been inspired both by the history of the brand and by the intrinsic value of the building that houses it.

As a sign of respect for the pre-existing structure, the project started with a meticulous restoration process of the glass curtain façade, which is typical of Milanese 1950s and 1960s architecture.
The different floors are brought together by the same technical articulation characterised by linear shapes and transparent surfaces, referring to the world of Nanda Vigo and Jean Prouvé, while the tactile perception is defined by contrasts, mixing glossy partitions and raw pillars, smooth shelves and exposed systems. In addition, the purity of lines and configuration acquire a markedly graphic appearance, in line with Pucci’s figurative imagery.

In the front office of the entrance, a counter made of wood worked in negative lying on the concrete floor and anchored to the rough pillars, is representative of the approach used: a classic and timeless aesthetic that has undergone a process of deconstruction and reinterpretation with a contemporary twist.


Location: Milano, via Fieno 3

Anno: 2020