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We support FAI


Gruppo Censeo is Corporate Golden Donor for 2024

On the back of our projects for art and culture, this year we decided to actively support FAI – Italian Environment Fund, joining the Corporate Golden Donor corporate membership program.

Close to FAI, we want to carry out a shared protection project which is also an ambitious cultural challenge: the goal is to make Italy a better place to live, work and raise our children. The landscape and cultural heritage, which FAI safeguards and promotes, represents a unique capital in the world and the fundamental resource in which to invest to revive, develop and enhance our wonderful country.

Every day FAI is committed to protecting and making accessible splendid jewels of art, nature and culture scattered throughout the countryside, cities and coasts of our country; FAI aims to educate and raise awareness among the community about knowledge, respect and care for art and nature and to act as spokesperson for the demands of civil society by monitoring and actively intervening in the territory.

Every day our goal is to create beauty, through our work, we are humble bricklayers and we aim to give shape to the ideas of the designers, and where necessary, we intervene with respect on the existing architectural heritage.

We can pride ourselves on having taken care of the maintenance of the historic Leonardo’s Vineyard, of having dealt with the restoration of the spaces of the Portaluppi Foundation in the heart of Milan, as well as having operated in places of art and culture such as the Teatro alla Scala, the Teatro degli Arcimboldi and the amphitheater of the Monte Amiata Complex, designed by architects Carlo Aymonino and Aldo Rossi.