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and culture

In addition to being passionate about its work, Gruppo Censeo has decided to invest in culture, convinced that it is the best way to create value.

Since 2014, it has been promoting a series of events directly on its construction sites or in locations of particular interest. This initiative, which has been conceived and curated by Francesca Brambilla, is known as Censo per arte and has had illustrious guests in the Italian art scene including Eduard Habicher, Nando Crippa, Jonathan Guaitamacchi, Mimmo Iacopino, Simona Uberto, Marina Giannobi, Fulvia Mendini, Giulio Zanet and Guido Pecci. Events have been held in locations such as the RP CAVE by Riccardo Pozzoli or the Milanese showroom of Technogym, and exhibitions in places such as Torre Branca or QC Terme Milano, celebrating them with archive research and visually telling their history and context.

Over recent years, there have been plenty of fundraising opportunities, such as the conception and organisation of the ARCHETIPO 4Awoman event, a postal art operation aimed at supporting and financing a humanitarian and health project dedicated to oncological treatment and prevention in Madagascar. Convinced supporter of a systemic approach, the Group collaborated in the set-up of exhibitions such as Best Italian Interior Design Selection at Triennale Milano Design Museum and Un Archivio in-vita. Family and work in Giuseppe Riccardo Badoni’s papers for Politecnico di Milano.

More recently the took part in the project “Vietato L’Ingresso” which saw the dressing rooms in the Milanese Arcimboldi Theatre renovated by many companies including the Gruppo Censeo.

To celebrate its first 10 years of activity, the company has promoted the famous tradition of the Milanese school of interior architecture, involving 25 authors of the highest standing with the editorial project INTERNI MILANESI, a special edition by Platform Network, and presented at the ADI Design Museum in Milan.

Over the years, Gruppo Censeo has collaborated with “Vigna di Leonardo” by supporting cultural activities, such as the presentation of “Vino di Leonardo” at the Venice Biennale or the presentation of the monograph “Piero Portaluppi” edited by Piero Maranghi and published by Skira.

Alongside its own work, which proudly remains that of building construction, Gruppo Censeo is also aiming to promoting art, architecture, design and networking, without pretensions and too many formalities, as it is aware of how important it is to create bridges between business and culture.