Casa Platform 2.0


Casa Platform is located in Milan, in Piazzetta Brera: it is the Milaheadquarters of the internationally distributed design, architecture and interior magazine Platform Architecture & Design, directed by Simona Finessi.

The space represents the eclectic, dynamic and creative spirit of the magazine: it reflects the stimuli of Italian design and international trends.

Casa Platform is not only this, it is also an open and shared space, where workshops, nights out, dinners, meetings and much more take place.

Gruppo Censeo is a partner of the house, together with other important brands in the Italian sector. In 2019, it carried out an internal restyling: the bathrooms and related systems have been redone, with showers made of Krion®, and the plaster cornices, stuccoes, boiserie and wall tapestries have all been restored. Particular attention was paid to the choice of materials: resin in the kitchen, mosaic floors and paintwork created on sampling.


Location: Milano, Piazzatta Brera

Anno: 2019