Casa degli Atellani and Leonardo’s vineyard


Gruppo Censeo has been dealing with regular and unplanned maintenance for several years of one of the most symbolic places in Renaissance Milan: Casa degli Atellani.
Inside the garden, which has been restored by Portaluppi in neo-baroque style, work has taken place in collaboration with the University of Milan to carry out a philological replanting of the so-called Leonardo da Vinci vineyard, donated by Duke Ludovico il Moro.
In addition to the vineyard, there is now the Museum and the five Atellani Apartments. As well as the regular maintenance work, structural checks and gutter cleaning, Censeo has taken care of the palification of the vines, with the insertion of new steel crosspieces, the restoration and the relocation of some statues and the restoration of the historic fountain.


Location: Milano, Corso Magenta

Anno: dal 2018