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Ca’ Caprari


The house is part of a medieval village dating back
to 1300 which occupies the top of a clayey hill in a panoramic position over the valley of the Crostolo stream and the wooded amphitheatre of the Monte Duro opposite.


It is part of a row of buildings dominated by a tapered tower which gives it a characteristic medieval impression. It was purchased in a dilapidated condition, on the ground floor the premises were used as a stable and tool shed, while the main floor was partly inhabited and partly uninhabitable. The project has made it possible to restore the ancient splendour of this historic building that had been completely abandoned.

Thanks to the knowledge of the owner and the skill and professionalism of the artisans in the Gruppo Censeo, it was possible to carry out a patient search for local materials. Each finish has been conceived with the aim of rediscovering the essence of the place: the oak floors have been recovered from ancient indigenous dwellings, as well as the timber and planking that make up the attics. The result is a real work of restoration and rehabilitation with the inclusion of modern elements such as the glass and Corten staircase.


Location: Colli Reggiani

Anno: 2021