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Boutique Orciani


Located in Via Spiga 1, the showroom covers an area of over 50 square metres. Gruppo Censeo took care of the restructuring and adaptation of the spaces.
The exhibition space was created following the inspiring idea of the architectural concept: the boutique as a precious treasure chest, completely dedicated to women and their world. Elegant femininity and hints of soft sensuality, for an environment with warm tones, gentle lines and concrete materials, which perfectly match the vaults in the ceiling. Gruppo Censeo has embraced the values of Orciani, whose history is made up of craftsmanship, the study of materials, workmanship and aesthetic quality. Special refined materials were therefore used, such as Portuguese marbles, mirrors, platinum metal finishes and technical fabrics. The work involved the refurbishment and adaptation of the technical, electrical and air conditioning systems, and was concluded with the painting of the whole environment and the installation of displays and furnishings.


Location: Milano, via della Spiga 1

Anno: 2017