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Atellani Apartament


In the heart of Milan, near Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, the Atellani Apartments offers four properties entirely renovated, which can be rented for short- or long-term stays, furnished with refinement and elegance.

The Gruppo Censeo has taken care of the restructuring and adaptation of the Beatrice apartment. This apartment, which is particularly bright, overlooks the internal courtyard of the Casa degli Atellani. The historical nature of the building, which is listed, has meant that innovative solutions have been needed to meet the conservation requirements, also from a plant engineering point of view. Solid wood floors have been installed, consisting of a delicate geometric pattern.

The walls have been sanded and repainted. The details and the sartorial care have made it possible to blend the charm of its Milanese Renaissance history with contemporary style.


Location: Milano, Corso Magenta
Photography: Andrea Rossetto
Anno: 2018