Arcimboldi Theater


NO ENTRY is a special initiative, promoted in the summer of 2021, by Giulia Pellegrino, which allowed the Arcimboldi Theatre to reopen to the public and artists in an unconventional way after a year of forced closure, developing extraordinary collaborations with some of the most relevant creative voices in design, architecture and interiors. Thanks to the collaboration of some of the best Milanese design studios and over 100 technical partners, the dressing rooms in the theatre have been transformed into real “designer dressing rooms”. The Gruppo Censeo gave its support to create the initial clean slate, on which the designers-artists were able to let their creative flair flourish, demolishing where necessary and removing the old carpet and upholstery from all 17 dressing rooms. Gruppo Censeo also collaborated in the restructuring of dressing room no. 5 “WHO’S ON STAGE” by the architects Paolo Volpato and Caterina Steiner, and dressing room no. 11 “IN BETWEEN” by Studio Wok.

“Il Primo Camerino”

The public of the 2021 Design Week visited the dressing rooms and could express a preference, by awarding the dressing room called “DIORAMA by Calvi Ceschia Viganò Architetti Associati studio, who was given the task of restyling “Il Primo Camerino” with the artistic advice of Arturo Brachetti.

Gruppo Censeo had the honor and the burden of working on this project.

The dismantling of the existing structure created a tabula rasa, a zero point for the new dressing room: the old fixtures, the wooden paneling, the parquet, and floorboards were removed. The space of the dressing room takes an enveloping, elliptical shape thanks to the laying of rounded plasterboard structures by our workers.

In addition to providing assistance to the other project partners, the plumbing system and the sanitary fitting were installed.


Location: Milano, viale dell’Innovazione
Photography: Luca D.Privitera
Anno: 2021/2022