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Apartment in Via Morandi


Gruppo Censeo took care of this complete demolition and renovation project. The goal was to make the most of the 100 square metres available, creating a minimal and neat apartment.
The result: a large living room at the entrance, a kitchen separated from the living room by a glass roof window, a bedroom and two bathrooms.

The environment is dominated by the warm colours of milky white and beige, the ecru tones of the custom-designed furnishings and fine wood from Northern Europe.

The work has been carried out with care and attention to detail: in particular, the apartment is located in a prestigious residence, therefore significant acoustic insulation has been provided, including a special mat to protect from any noise caused by footsteps.

Finally, a remote-control system has been installed for the alarm system with video surveillance and automated shutters.


Location: Milano, via Morandi
Photography: Valerio Zanicotti
Anno: 2020