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Apartment in the Central Zone


This renovation project completely revolutionised the apartment by defining a new internal feel with the updating of the spaces. The demolition of the wall that previously divided the living area from the dining area has made the bright living room, which has now become the central point of the house, considerably larger. A modern island kitchen completes the living area, which can be separated by a sliding glass door as needed. Above, there is a plasterboard cornice, with the insertion of warm light LED lights, and refined grey wood panelling to elegantly frame the living room. Designed with attention to detail, the library bookcase, which has been created to eliminate corridors and hallways, connects the gym and the technical room with the laundry area, and the study and the bedroom to the other rooms of the house by means of a retractable door. An excellent compromise bringing together beauty and comfort.


Location: Milano
Photography: Valerio Zanicotti
Anno: 2017